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  • 1955 Born in Japan.(Ehime)
  • 1979 Graduated from Institute of vocational training, Department of wood processing
  • 1979 Miyagi prefecture / Technical staff of senior position
  • 1984 Metropolitan crafts high school /Teacher, department of Interior design course
  • 1991 Gunma PolytechnicCollege,Lecturer, department of Industrial design
  • 1994 University of Tsukuba/ Master course of Art and Design   
  • 1996 Graduated from University of Tsukuba of Master's Degree / Department of Art and Design
  • 2005 Ph.D( Art and Design), Kyushu University
  • ~2014 Associate professor, Faculty of general education, Sojo University.

Main book

  • 2005 “A study of Percective Ranges and the Visual Effects by Motion Illusion with Pretended Area Changes”Doctoral thesis (Kyushu University), pp.1-91
  • 2011 “Theory of Art and Design” ? Science of Design ? The eight chapter - optical illusion by movement, pp.94-111 The essence of eyesight trick(Joint authorship)/ ASAKURA bookshop

Main paper

  • 1997  “Classification view point art
         —Classification of modeling was the keyword of view point”
              / Design academy journals vol.28, pp.22〜27
  • 2004  “A study of percective ranges and the visual effects by motion-illusion with pretended area changes”
              / Japan Society of Basic Design and Art journals 013, pp.43〜50
  • 2005  “Education of Basic Design in the interdisciplinary fields.  
              / Japan Society of Basic Design and Art journals 014, pp.45〜50
  • 2006  “Inspection of the visual effects by motion-illusion on the most effective expression elements at a close distance and application in a long distance”
              / Japan Society of Basic Design and Art journals 015, pp.23〜28
  • 2007 “Visual effects on the work with large size by motion illusion in large space”
              / Conference on Asia Society of Basic Design and Art in Tsukuba 2007, pp.7〜8
  • 2011  “A study on the possibilities of visual effects to image hump”
              / Japan basic design academy journals 019, pp.21〜24
  • 2011“Traveling viewpoint generated 3D motion-illusion and its application to engineering practice”
              / 2011 KSBDA International Fall Conference, pp.19〜21
  • 2013  “The period of the wave-follow the memory of the 3.11”
              / Japan Society of Basic Design and Art journals 021, pp.62〜65

Main lecture(Conference Keynote Speech

  • 2005 “Education of Basic Design in the interdisciplinary fields”
              / Hongik University (Seoul)
  • 2005 “Visual Illusion in Space”
         2005 International Conference of Basic Design and Environmental Design
               /Keibun technology college (Taipei)
  • 2012  “Idea creation and its evolution in education of basic design and art”
         The forum of basic design Art Education Asia
              /National Taiwan University of the Arts(Taipei)
  • 2012  “Application in traffic system by visual effect”
         Asia Townscape Design Society in Kumamoto 
              / Kumamoto Josaien (2013 Landscape Research Award)
  • 2014  “Application to the art and design of the illusion effect”
         8th Conference of illusion works
              / Meiji University Nakano campus
  • 2014  “The education program to establish the principal object at view point in art and design”
         The 4th ACEE 2014
              / Kumamoto University


Solo exhibition:

  • The Museum of Modern Art Saitama (1993)
  • Art Space RASHINBAN / Planning by the Gallery (1999)
  • Tsukuba Museum (1999)
  • Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto / Planning by the Museum (2004)
  • Sojo Gallery / Planning by the Gallery (2007)

Group Exhibition:

  • International Art Exhibition / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (1990)
  • Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (1999,1993)
  • Exhibition <France-Japon> / Grand Palais, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (1994,1985,1983 1982)
  • CONTEMPORARY ART FESTIVAL / The Museum of Modern Art Saitama (2014-1993)
  • Modern Art Association / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (2015-1991)

Public collection:

  • Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto
  • University of Tsukuba


  • 1997  “’97 Modern Art / The prospect’s for tomorrow exhibition”  / The Grand prize
  • 2002  “Modern Art association” / Fine work
  • 2006  ”Basic design academy in Japan” / encouragement award
  • 2013  “Asia regional Design academy” / Prize for scene study

Academy activity

Japan Society of Basic Design and Art (Director), Design Academy (Director), Japan design academy, Modern art association (Chairman of FUKUOKA),
KAKENHI judge (2011,2012,2014), etc.